We’ve developed and launched mobile app TradeStocksApp, which is appropriate for all types of stock and forex traders: newbies, experienced and professional traders.

Our AI (artificial intelligence) trading robots monitor and research weekly 3000+ stocks in Europe and USA, 100+ currency pairs etc. TradeStocksApp provides you short-term Buy / Sell trading signals with orders duration about 1 week – 1 month.

TradeStocksApp is your mobile financial tool to help you trade with international stocks and currencies more effectively! Visit our website TradeStocksApp for more information.

 Key app’s features are:

• Weekly monitoring of 3000+ international stocks
• Weekly monitoring of 100+ currency pairs
Weekly signals update: 25-60 new trading signals
• Real-time trading signals alerts
• Access to real-time Buy / Sell trading signals with detailed info
• We use brand new trading algorithm to analyze stock markets
• Unlimited number of stocks and currencies in your watchlist
• Useful search filters, stock sectors classifications
• Real-time trading results with daily update

What do you need to start:
1. Download and install mobile app TradeStocksApp for free (Android version)
2. Start receiving free Stock & Forex signals with push notifications in mobile phone
3. Enjoy short-term investing in stocks

Please, provide us feedback so we can enhance TradeStocksApp even further: