Alpha Trader

Principles of the trading algorithm “Alpha Trader” / Robo-Trading

1. Long-term trend following trading. The trend is revealed on long-term time frames: weekly and month TF. Our trading indicators analyze and recognize the start & finish points for long-term bullish and bearish trends. If there is long-term bullish trend for the stock, than Alpha Trader trading system will open only BUY orders during this bullish trend.
Trading system “Alpha Trader” works only with long-term bullish trends and open only BUY orders.

2. Basic trading patterns recognition. As soon as the Alpha Trader determines the long-term bullish trend (see section 1), the main trading patterns will be immediately recognized by the candles on the chart for this stock. For this analysis we use tools and trading indicators, developed by Trading Team SIA

3. Additional trading indicators for bullish confirmation. For the final analysis of every BUY signal, Alpha Trader also use additional trading indicators with logical forms “if, than…”

Good luck with TS “Alpha Trader”,
Alex Kurjanovich

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